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Pernice Landscaping has been our landscaper for over 30 years. When I call for a certain service or question I am greeted by Linda, who is so pleasant to talk to.

Also several summers ago, I had to call on a Sunday because I had a problem with my air conditioner. The repair man couldn't gain access to the unit due to the shrubs in the way. Craig came over to prune back the shrubs that day. Both the repairman and I were glad he came over.

Thank you guys.

Pernice Landscaping has been doing our property for over 15 years, My lawn always looks the best on the block, year after year. His crew workers are pleasant and reliable. I find them to be very affordable. I love the idea that if I have to call them for a special requet, I am greeted by the secretary, rather than an answering machine. They also do snow removal which I am so grateful for.

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    J. Ryan

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    Margaret Carbone

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